The Best Tips for Keeping Your Hands Looking Young—Hands Down
By Advanced Desert Dermatology
June 17, 2013
Category: Skin Care

Keep Your Hands Looking YoungWhile the face may be the first to show signs of aging, a person’s hands can make someone appear older than they feel.  In a person’s lifetime, the hands are exposed to sunlight, extreme temperatures and a lot of wear and tear.  It’s no wonder the skin on our hands becomes thinner, develops wrinkles and sun spots, and loses its radiance over time.     

The good news is that you can reduce signs of aging on your hands with improved care at home and the help of your dermatologist in Peoria, AZ.   

Basic tips for improved hand care include:

  • Keep your hands moisturized. Dry, cracked hands appear dull and older. Applying a cream periodically throughout the day will give your hands a healthy glow and a more youthful appearance.
  • Protect your hands from the sun.  The back of the hands are extremely vulnerable to UV damage because they are almost always exposed to sun light. Take extra precautions by applying sunscreen.
  • Wear gloves during household chores or yard work to protect your hands.
  • To prevent chapping or dry skin, avoid frequent hand washing.  Use a mild soap with warm water.
  • Wear gloves in the winter to protect hands from cold, harsh temperatures.

In some cases, a dermatologist may recommend rejuvenation techniques that have long been successful in treating the face.  These procedures add volume to the hand and remove discoloration, wrinkles and damage to reverse telltale signs of aging.  Visit your dermatologist in Peoria, AZ to find out if these treatments are offered and recommended options for you.

Because we put so much emphasis on our facial skin care, the hands are often overlooked.  The hands can be even more susceptible to the effects of aging, which means they need extra care and attention.Today, there are many procedures available to minimize the appearance of an aging hand. Prevention is the best medicine, but your dermatologist is also an excellent source for advice and professional treatment options.