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February 28, 2018
Category: Skin Care
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Dermatitis on back and front of handsYour hands look awful—they feel terrible, itch and sting. Sometimes they hurt, or bleed and the itching is driving you nuts! Painful cracks can develop on your fingertips or the backs of your hands, making your daily routine difficult to complete.

You may have tried hydrocortisone, five types of skin moisturizers and changing soaps, all to no avail. Whether you are suffering from an allergic reaction or have been neglecting the health of your hands, there is a solution available to provide relief. By visiting your dermatologist, you can find relief for your painful, itchy hands.

Your Dermatologist Helps to Protect Your Hands from Dermatitis

When it comes to dermatitis, one thing is clear: stop using any harsh soaps to wash your hands—completely. A mild bar soap is better, or, if it is an emergency, you can carry a small bottle of alcohol based hand disinfectant with you. Application of a moisturizer after washing is a good idea. Your dermatologist may also want you to apply a prescription topical steroid cream or ointment.

If you can’t avoid direct contact with irritants at work or at home, your dermatologist may recommend a barrier cream or film for your hands. Bedtime is the perfect opportunity to restore the hands’ natural protective oil layer by applying a heavy moisturizer. It can go right over any medicated cream or ointment being used, and will help the medication penetrate into the skin.

If your hands aren’t improving, even after medication and pampering, contact dermatitis may be considered as a possible diagnosis. Sometimes the cause is easily determined, but patch testing is recommended if the cause is more difficult to discover. Patch tests are performed in your dermatologists’ office to determine what substances are causing your skin rashes. Your dermatologist can then use that information to counsel you on what substances you need to avoid, what products contain those substances and alternative products you may use.

If your hands are giving you trouble, don’t be discouraged. Your dermatologist can help you fight your pain and irritation, whatever the cause!